Slack, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services Crashed Worldwide: The Problem Still Occurs


Business platform Slack, world-popular Github and Amazon Web Services have crashed across the globe.
The ‘virtual office’ Slack, the favorite business platform of those working online, has collapsed worldwide. The crash, which has been confirmed by Slack for the past 2-3 hours, causes users to be unable to access the service.

Slack isn’t the only platform to crash. The servers of GitHub and Amazon, where software developers publish their projects, are also down. If you are having a problem, it is not your fault, there is a server crash around the world.

Users can’t log into Slack, send messages, or receive notifications
The server crash in Slack does not seem to affect every user, because although the majority of them have problems, there are also those who do not. The problems faced by those who have problems with Slack are as follows: Not being able to enter Slack, not being able to send private messages, not being able to send posts and files to channels, and not getting notifications.

On Github, some users report that the service is completely unusable for them, while others say that Webhooks alone are not working for them. The region where the problem is most intense is the USA.

There is no problem on the service status page of Amazon Web Services at the moment, but users have stated that they are experiencing problems in the past hours. Other apps crashing makes sense, too, given that many services on the internet, including Slack and GitHub, rely on AWS.

For now, only Slack has made a statement about this situation, which is as follows: “We are investigating the issue where users cannot log in to Slack. We will continue to investigate and share information whenever possible.” Have you had a problem with any of these platforms? Please don’t forget to mention it in the comments.