Slack Begins Rolling Out Scheduled Posting To Users


Slack scheduled posting feature: Slack started rolling out a new Scheduled Posting feature as of yesterday. As the name suggests, users can schedule their messages to be sent later on a specific day and time.

The scheduled posting feature adds a new dropdown arrow to the green “send message” button in Slack’s desktop app. Clicking this brings up a new menu that allows scheduling a message to be sent to a room, direct message, or group thread. Mobile device users will be able to access a similar menu by long pressing the submit button in the Slack app on Android and iOS.

Slack will offer both pre-populated options and the ability to set a custom date and time for sending messages. Messages can be scheduled up to 120 days in advance, and users can reschedule, edit, or delete scheduled messages before they’re sent.

“Today we launched Scheduled Posting to enable users to communicate and collaborate in the way that works best for them,” the company said in a statement, adding that “teams shouldn’t have to sync their schedules to communicate effectively.”

The ability to schedule messages is a critical feature given the variety of time zones and locations that offices (both remote, in-person and hybrid) span in today’s business world. So users don’t bother teams at odd hours or messages disappear overnight. While email services like Gmail offer the ability to schedule emails for later, this feature was not available in Slack until now.


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