Skyrim Together Mod downloaded 50,000 times in 24 hours


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is known throughout the gaming world as one of the most exciting and intense single-player games. Even more than a decade after Skyrim was first launched, thanks to modifications and a new version of the game that are released from time to time, fans are still finding new ways to travel through the coldest lands of Tamriel. Despite the fact that Skyrim is a pleasant single-player experience, many will cherish the opportunity to take a friend or several dragonborn with them to defeat Alduin.

The dream of Skyrim multiplayer mode has recently become a reality. Thanks to the modders from Skyrim Nexus, Skyrim Together Reborn was created, which allows from two to eight players to travel together through the lands of the Nords. However, this experience has been tested with up to 30 players, which means that Skyrim can even be played as a miniature MMO. Despite the fact that Skyrim Together Reborn was released just a few days ago, it has already achieved widespread success.

At the time of writing, the mod has been downloaded 84,660 times and received a total of 276,907 views. This already puts Skyrim Together Reborn right at the top of Skyrim’s most popular mods page in July, and while it hasn’t yet reached the heights on the most popular mods page of all time, it seems likely. what it will be in the end. Given the ambitious nature of this mod for Skyrim, even if it doesn’t get as many downloads as some of the other big hits, the community will probably still remember it as making important changes to the game.

Playing Skyrim in a multiplayer format is what modders have been striving for for several years. Skyrim Together Reborn is a project born from the original Skyrim Together, a mod that added multiplayer to Skyrim, but was never completed. When fans couldn’t get a stable Skyrim co-op game, they sought to download early versions of Skyrim Together and Skyrim Together Reborn.

Creating a mod like Skyrim Together Reborn requires an impressive level of skill and commitment, as it may be changing one of the core elements of Skyrim. The huge number of downloads that the mod is watching right now shows the appreciation of the community for the efforts made to create Skyrim Together Reborn. It also shows that even with a lot of things to do and a lot of companions in Skyrim to keep the player company, he can get lonely adventures in the lands of Skyrim without a human friend.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has already been released on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.