Skyrim Skooma mod turns you into Walter White from Tamriel


An impressive mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim allows players to emulate Walter White from the TV series “Breaking Bad”, becoming the most prolific chef of Tamriel’s skuma. Since the release of the fantasy role-playing game in 2011, fans have created countless Skyrim Creation Club modifications that correct or improve every aspect of the classic Bethesda Game Studios game. Although, unfortunately, it is impossible to engage in drug trafficking in the basic version of Skyrim, the creative mod allows players to become the ones who knock by taking on the skuma trade, like a fantastic version of Heisenberg.

The crime series Breaking Bad, which aired from 2008 to 2013, introduced the nefarious Walter White in the field of pop culture. The cult character begins the series as a simple school chemistry teacher, but due to the diagnosis of cancer, he becomes a ruthless and bloodthirsty drug lord. The gradual transformation of Walter White into the criminal Heisenberg, masterfully played by Bryan Cranston, made this character an especially iconic protagonist on television. Walter White got to the Intermediate Lands thanks to the hilarious fan crossover Elden Ring with Breaking Bad, and now the mod for Skyrim allows players to transfer the chaotic chemist to Tamriel.

Although there are no evocable substances created by Walter White in the Elder Scrolls series, the Bethesda fantasy franchise has its own fictional drug. The harmful and addictive drug skuma, created by mixing the substances of moon sugar and nightshade, is closely related to the cat people of the Khajiit from the province of Elsevier. In the Elder Scrolls lore, skuma is illegal and extremely dangerous, which is reflected in the early games, as it damages the intelligence and dexterity characteristics of players, while increasing speed and strength. While player characters can freely consume skuma in several parts of the series, players cannot create skuma using alchemy in Skyrim without using mods, despite the fact that the game focuses on role-playing mechanics.

Skyrim Mod Turns Players into Heisenberg’s Dragonborn

An in-depth mod for Skyrim called Skooming Skyrim, created by Nexus Mods user BigBizkit, allows players to become a Tamriel drug lord in the style of Walter White. The mod adds a new NPC named Da’rhakaz to the game, who offers to teach users the culinary business of skuma. The mod’s quest chain leads players to discover Skuma’s alchemical laboratory, which can be upgraded over time to improve production. Players can make their “Breaking Bad” fantasies come true and channel Heisenberg by cooking and distributing skuma, but they also have to get rid of certain non-player characters so they don’t get caught by security. It is not necessary to customize the main character of the Dragonborn so that he looks like Walter White, but it is recommended.

The Elder Scrolls drug Skuma is an interesting part of Tamriel’s history that players will never be able to properly meaningfully study. However, the Skooming Skyrim mod allows players to channel their inner world “Breaking Bad” by adding a full-fledged process of cooking and distributing skuma. Like the main character Skyrim – Dragonborn, Walter White starts out as a simple civilian, but gradually rises through the ranks and becomes a legend. Although in fact the distribution of drugs is disgusting, a mod for Skyrim that allows players to cook skuma is the perfect way to bring to life a fantasy from the TV series “Breaking Bad”. Players just need to make sure that the dragons pronounce their name.