Skyrim Quest Throws Major Shade at Nazim


Skyrim is filled with numerous NPCs that players can get attached to or relate to in a certain way. Some people are annoyed by Lydia, others like how she helps them carry their burden. In part, such interactions make Skyrim more realistic, but if there is one NPC that causes the same reaction from a decent part of the fans, it is Nazim.

Skyrim players hate Nazim, generally speaking, because he is a pompous, self-satisfied narcissist. Nazim will talk down to everyone he meets, including the Dragonborn. He implies that the Dragonborn is not important enough for the Cloud District of Whiterun, that he is so important because he advises Jarl Balgruf (despite the fact that he has NEVER been seen with him), runs a successful business on his farm, and so on. The bottom line is that he is praised as someone very important to the Dragonborn, to various NPCs, and even to his wife, who also hates him, but according to one particular Skyrim quest, Nazim is not important at all (not that everyone knows him). this is already known).

Redditor Worship-The-Pies recently shared an image of one of their Skyrim quests, specifically the radiant quest that players receive from Feran Sandri when they side with vampires in Dawnguard. To turn public opinion against the latter, players must don a full set of Skyrim Dawnguard armor and kill someone in one of the game’s many holds. It could be anyone, but there is an additional goal — to make sure that this is a known victim. Well, the Pie-Worshipper was in Whiterun, and according to Nazim, there is no one more important and famous in all of Whiterun, so the Pie-Worshipper killed him.

Poor Nazim… from skyrim

Worship-The-Pies has failed an additional goal in this Skyrim quest, which reads like a real shadow cast on Nazeem. Of course, Worship-The-Pies and everyone probably expected such an outcome, but to see such a fleeting roast of Nazim by the game itself easily makes everyone smile. Of course, there are no feelings in the game, but it definitely seems that Skyrim also hates Nazim.

Indeed, Skyrim players have tortured, killed, and otherwise treated Nazim since the game’s launch. Players used mods to knock his head clean off his body, steal Nazim’s soul with an enchanted sword, and otherwise pursue him equally (equal option for interpretation) just like he did them. Now they have confirmation that the game feels the same.

Skyrim is available on all major platforms.


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