Skyrim Players shared their most Memorable Lydia deaths


There are many non-player characters that gamers can encounter during their adventures in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. These NPCs can be found in many cities scattered throughout Tamriel. Some of them play an integral role in the main story or in many side quests of Skyrim, while others Dragonborn can hire as their companions. One of these is Lydia NPC, and Skyrim players have recently gone online to share their most vivid memories of the death of a companion that they experienced.

Many in the Skyrim community probably remember that meeting Lydia was one of the Dragonborn’s first experiences in recruiting companions in the game. You can get Lydia as a companion either by completing the main quests in Whiterun and becoming her tan, “Brizhome”. Being one of the first companions that the player can take with him on his adventures, Lydia can be quite memorable for fans of the role-playing game.

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In particular, about her death on Reddit, Lydia recently became a topic of conversation when user Vulcan813 asked about the experience of her playmates with a companion, On. In an action RPG, companions in Skyrim can die and be lost forever, unless players use a certain mod to make them invincible or resurrect them. Since many players want to share their memories of Lydia and their experiences in connection with the death of a companion, at the time of writing, the Reddit thread has already collected more than 3,600 comments.

Let’s hear it, guys. How did your Lydia die? from skyrim

Some comments on the forum describe that their Lydia died in many caves found in Skyrim, and others mention that she was killed by a giant during the journey. One of the commentators told a funny story about how Greybeard screamed at Lydia to death when the player accidentally used a Dragon Cry on one of the disguised NPCs. Other comments on the thread talked about leaving Lydia at their Breezehome house to look after this place, while others are essentially doing the same thing, except that they decide to move her to another of their homes in Skyrim.

Lydia is just one of many companions that players can hire in Skyrim. There are many others that Dragonborn can take on in their adventures through role-playing. Nevertheless, it seems that the NPC occupies a significant place in the minds and hearts of the community. I hope the players will continue to talk about companions in Skyrim. Many fans probably have vivid and funny memories of other non-player characters found in the game.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is already available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X/S.


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