Skyrim mod revises the fight, making it more similar to Elven Ring and God of War


If there’s one thing to say about Skyrim, it’s that it has stood the test of time. “The Elder Scrolls 6”, “Bethesda”. This is largely due to the modding community, which constantly gives out new ideas at the speed of nodes. Some of them go so far as to transfer the name of a decade ago to the modern era.

As PCGamesN noticed, a dTry user has uploaded a new mod for Skyrim, which aims to recycle one of the biggest assets of the game, namely the combat system. Regardless of whether players like the combat mechanics in the game or not, the Battle in Valhalla reworks it, making it more like something more modern. In the description, the modder describes this project as inspired by the Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the Ring of Elden and the God of War. The video shows the mod in action, and it really looks much more modern, with smoother fights and the ability to parry and stun enemies.

Hand-to-hand combat is necessary in many video games, and similar aforementioned games are notorious for their good mechanics on this front. that she works well as a first-person, the good thing about the Battle of Valhalla is that she works well as a first-person and third-person. It’s also not finished yet, apparently, as dTry apparently plans to keep adding its mod with the aim of making a much more “comprehensive combat system”. There are plans to implement additional features or, perhaps, even turn new ideas into separate mods.

There are a lot of mods in Skyrim that have helped extend the shelf life of this decade-old RPG. While the vanilla experience alone is already quite extensive, the fact that an entire community is devoting time and effort to adding Tamriel to the world is a testament to how much the game is loved. It’s also indicative of how long it’s been out. Eleven years is a long time for any release, but it provided players with a lot of custom ways to change the visuals or the overall gameplay.

Thus, Skyrim is an open-world game with a large number of repetitions. It may seem a bit outdated to many now, but this is where modding comes into its own. While Bethesda seems to be making slow progress on the next installment of the series, fans can at least get a lot of TES5 out of life.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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