Skyrim Mod Adds relevant lessons to the Winterhold College


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, which is more than ten years old, is still strong and has become one of the most successful role-playing games in history. Almost everything about it is instantly recognizable, from its long opening scene to its iconography, such as the Akatosha Seal logo, to one of the best start screens in games. But there is no doubt that the game is not perfect, so the modding community is constantly working hard to improve the original Bethesda formula.

Jasper’s Skyrim. This custom mod, called simply “Winterhold College — Quest Expansion”, gives players much more school experience in a magical institution. The description on the download page says that it adds seven new lessons, not just a tutorial that goes into the vanilla game. The video also shows the mod in action when the player is trained and tested on a series of magic spells. Jasper says that this does not affect the standard quests, but simply “expands” them.

Those who closely follow the modder community can get to know the work of this particular modder well, especially the use of superimposed voiceover to create a new dialog. An earlier mod from Jasper added 500 new lines of speech to the bandits of Skyrim, and a later one allows players to spy through keyholes for a more authentic stealthy passage. It is said that this latest project is compatible with other mods, including those that are directly related to the side quests of the Winterhold Collegium.

For those who are perhaps less familiar with the game, Skyrim Winterhold College is a place of learning for those who follow the magical path. He serves as the Mages Guild of this record, allowing players to hone their more sorcerous nature. It has a long history, and its location on the northern cliffs sets it apart from the terrain.

There are many schools of magic in Skyrim, including restoration, destruction and illusion. Actually, “The Elder Scrolls”. The good thing about the franchise is that it allows you to play the game in several ways, and magic is just one of them. For many, this is an integral part of the gameplay, and this new mod should add a little more immersion to this aspect of the epic role-playing game of 2011.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.