Skyrim mod adds a new area to Whiterun


Skyrim is the longest running game in the entire series. Originally launched in 2011 and having had several re-releases over the years, it has been around for over a decade and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Although The Elder Scrolls 6 is said to be in development, it will probably be a long time before fans see the next installment. Fortunately, there is a lot to see and do in TES5, and the modder community is constantly releasing new content, so its durability is constantly growing.

Sometimes add-ons will give a little more than just one location. For example, a team of modders calling themselves The Whiterun Dragonsreach Expansion Project has just released a new mod for Skyrim. As the name suggests, it adds a bit more to the city of Whiterun, especially near Dragon’s Reach. The description says that there are now several defensive towers in this area, as well as a new training ground for guards.

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Whiterun is one of the most famous places in Skyrim, largely because it is the first city that most players encounter. While Riverwood is where the story picks up the Dragonborn after escaping from Helgen, it is Whiterun where most of the game really begins to develop. The jarl of the city sits on his throne in the aforementioned fortress of Dragon Reach, and it is in these early moments of the story that the player meets his first dragon and fights with him. There are many cities and settlements in Skyrim, but this one holds a special place in the hearts of many.

As mentioned earlier, Bethesda’s epic 2011 role-playing game is going through a very long shelf life, and it seems to have enough custom add-ons to keep the game going for many more years. Mods such as the one that adds horses from The Witcher 3 to Skyrim, or the one that allows players to shoot magic with a lute, have helped increase the playing time of this already extensive game.

Perhaps one of the reasons why it is so popular even after so many years is that it has entered the cultural consciousness outside of the gaming industry. Skyrim is known for its memes, such as the “arrow in the knee” remark, which is often uttered by guards, so its influence extends beyond the game. However, despite its popularity and many mods created by talented teams and individuals, it’s fair to say that many would like to upgrade to The Elder Scrolls 6 right now.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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