Skyrim: How to Start Blood on Ice


Blood on Ice” is one of the most famous quests in Skyrim for a number of reasons. The name of the quest itself is quite intriguing, standing out among the many forgotten names in the quest magazine. “Oblivion”, “, “, “Skyrim”.

In many ways, “Blood on Ice” is the best idea of what quests in Skyrim should look like. This forces the player to direct the quest as he sees fit, not the other way around, and ultimately forces him to make difficult choices based on his own investigation. This is a quest that every Skyrim player must complete, and fortunately it’s relatively easy to get started.

Updated by Eric Petrovich on June 4, 2022: “Blood on Ice” is one of the most famous Skyrim quests. This quest, set in Windhelm, puts players in the role of a detective trying to figure out who is behind a series of gruesome murders taking place in Windhelm. This is one of the coolest stories of Skyrim, perhaps even one of the coolest quests in all the games of the Elder Scrolls series, thanks to the small details of the narrative discovered during the passage. It is worth noting that some players have problems because of “Blood on Ice”. It has been supplemented with some troubleshooting suggestions, how to start Blood on Ice, has been supplemented with some troubleshooting suggestions, although in some cases this error may be irreparable.

Blood on Ice: A murder mystery in Windhelm

When players enter Windhelm at night, they will meet a guard standing next to the corpse of a woman in the city cemetery, to the left of the main gate in the alley. Interrogating onlookers nearby, the Dragonborn discovered that there were no clothes on the body, although the woman’s gold and jewelry were left. After examining the body in the Hall of the Dead of Windhelm, Helgird says that the cuts on the woman’s body were made with embalming tools. Helgird insists it wasn’t her, so the Dragonborn leaves only to find a bloody trail leading to the Hjerim estate.

Tovah, the mother of the murdered woman, gives the player the key to the estate. Inside, the Dragonborn is tasked with investigating the crime scene — they find a strange amulet among the magazines of a certain Butcher, no doubt guilty of crimes. A man named Wunfert is accused of the crimes that followed this information, and theoretically this could be the end of the quest. However, a few days later, the killer strikes again, prompting the players to solve the mystery once and for all.

How to start “Blood on Ice”

To start “Blood on Ice”, players must first go to Windhelm. After reaching Windhelm, players must enter the city gate and head to the cemetery in the western part of the city. Turn left, walk for a few seconds, then turn right to go north to the cemetery through the alley.

“Skyrim’s blood on ice.” In these cases, it’s best to disable all the mods you use, try old saves and autosaves, or, if nothing helps, use the console to force the quest to start.

How to get to Windhelm: on foot, by cart or by boat

There are three ways to get to Windhelm: on foot, by cart or by boat. Windhelm is located in the far east of Skyrim in Eastmark, so if you prefer a scenic route, head northeast from Whiterun through a mountain pass. In addition, the carriage can instantly take you there from any major city. Players can also reach this frozen port city by boat from Solitude Docks or Dunstar Docks. It can also be reached by boat from Solstheim, but you need to get to Windhelm to get to the island first.

Rewards for completing the “Blood on Ice” task

There are a number of special rewards that the player can receive depending on their choice during “Blood on Ice”. If the player decides not to arrest Wunfert, the player’s home Hyerim will be available for purchase from Jorleif. This option is only available if the player has chosen the Storm Brothers or if he has chosen the Imperials and completed a chain of Civil War tasks.

In addition, Calixto’s body will contain a Necromancer’s Amulet if the player has previously sold him a Strange Amulet. Using the key found on his body, players can get into Calixto’s house, which has a chest and several other items that almost confirm his role as a Butcher.

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