Skyrim: game swords are recreated by fans in real life


A post on Skyrim’s subreddit caught the eye recently, a fan of the game shared a photo of his 3D impressions of the game’s famous weapons. Despite praise in over 350 comments, artist Fizheyez comments that these were his first works with the printer and that they are far from perfect.

It is worth mentioning that 3D printers are not responsible for painting and finishing the parts delivered. Each piece must often be sanded and then painted with the appropriate paint following the reference object.

There are still other publications that deserve to be cited. Another post, this one by user Raidriar26, shows a daedrica sword worked in wood.

This other sword below was made by indigod0g using polyethylene and contact cement. The result, although it looks like a very robust item, is an object of only 900 grams, which will be part of an Mjoll cosplay.

My sword, Grimsever, is finally finished. Now I just have to leave her in a dwemer ruin .. from r / skyrim
Skyrim turns 10, the game was released on November 11, 2011 and lives on with a community that has already produced something close to 60,000 mods.


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