Skyrim: Developer Explains Myth Of Fox Chasing Treasure


Skyrim: Almost 10 years after its original release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still harbors many myths and secrets that intrigue players. Today, at least one of them has finally been cleared up, and we now know the truth about foxes and their talent for finding treasure!

As Eurogamer pointed out, there are several videos about it circulating on the internet, and there was also no lack of posts in discussion forums on the subject. At least so far, as Joel Burgess, current developer at Capybara Games and former Bethesda, has decided to put an end to the matter.

On his personal Twitter @JoelBurgess, the Skyrim developer says that early on the team saw reports of players commenting on how foxes led them to treasure, which was not an intentional decision by the team, so they started investigating the matter. deeper.

According to Joel, artificial intelligence uses “navmesh” for navigation, meaning that “there’s an invisible 3D curtain of triangle-shaped polygons thrown over the entire world telling the AI ​​exactly which sides to go and which not to go.”

The thing is, the foxes were programmed to just run away from the players, and then use Navmesh to find safe paths like all other NPCs. In open areas the process is simpler, as camps require fewer triangles to halt progress, while a camp or city requires more navmesh, with a huge number of small triangles dictating the routes.

The closer you get to an AI, the more it demands on your CPU. “A bandit who attacks you, for example, is running multiple navigation operations per second,” said Joel. On the other hand, NPCs on trade routes use far less processing, updating their route after several minutes and without much care.

The foxes are halfway between the more complex and simpler characters, as all she wants is to be “100 triangles away” from the player. The thing is, camps and ruins are great places to concentrate 100 triangles, and they usually include treasure.

Thus, the foxes accidentally, in their attempt to escape, end up being manipulated to find these places that, by default, concentrate good rewards. What did you think of this explanation? Did you already know the myth of the fox in Skyrim? Comment below!


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