Skyrim at 60fps on PS5? Now it is possible thanks to a mod


A user creates a mod on the PlayStation version of Skyrim: Special Edition that allows it to be played at 60 frames per second on PS5. Trophies work.

The community behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim never stops surprising us. A user has managed to remove the framerate limit of the Special Edition on PS5. While the original game runs at 30 frames per second, this mod allows for smooth play at 60 fps.

Wrighton, the user after work, has taken the opportunity to show what the game looks like at that rate of images per second on PS5. Thanks to the built-in mod store from the main menu, you can access a ton of free content created by the community. Among them is this one. It should be noted that the mod works also on PS4 and PS4 Pro, but the results vary compared to the backward compatible version of PlayStation 5.

In addition, in its profile we can see several alternative versions, depending on the field of vision. You will be able to play Skyrim at 60 fps with 85, 90 or 120 FOV. And if you prefer the original, you have it too.

Skyrim at 60 fps and with trophies on PS5: steps to follow

And what about the trophies? Part of the community will wonder how to make this mod work while you have the possibility to continue unlocking them enabled. Wrighton himself explains what you need to do to enjoy the game with the mod while following your natural progress. To do this, you must not have any other mods installed. Just do these steps:

Download and enable the mod from within the game.

Restart the game.

Go back to the mods menu and delete (or disable) the mod.

Play at 60 fps with trophies.

You will have to repeat the process every time you start it again. For this reason, we recommend that before closing the session, you go back to the main menu, download it and have half the process prepared for the next time you play.

A few months ago the Xbox version received a similar modification, this time from another user. You can download it here.


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