Skype Online: How To Use Messenger In Your Browser?


Skype online in browser is a good alternative for those who use Microsoft messenger sporadically, as it does not require any download on the computer. The option can also be the solution when you need to talk to someone but the cell phone is not available.

Compatible with Chrome, Edge and Safari, the web version of Skype has practically the same functions found in apps. Through it, it is possible to make voice and video calls, including images in HD, as well as recording conversations with friends and meetings.

The service also provides calls to landlines and mobiles, if the user has Skype credit, file sharing and notification center. Other functionalities are the text messages, the search system in each conversation and the media gallery.

It is worth mentioning, before learning to use the messenger in your browser, that it is not necessary to download any browser extensions. Online access works on devices running Windows XP or later and MacOS 10.9 or later.

Access and login to Skype online

To use the service, you will have to log in with the same account registered in the app or create a new profile. Follow these steps:

1. Access the Skype website using your computer’s browser.

2. Enter your registered email, Skype name or phone number and click “Next”.

3. Now enter your password and press “Enter”.

Can’t remember your password? Click on “Forgot password?” and, on the second screen, follow the procedures to retrieve it. For those who are going to use the service for the first time or want to create a new account, just click on “Create one!” on the first screen and register.

Main functions

Skype online has an interface similar to the conventional version. The main panel is on the left of the screen and that’s where we’ll find the options to start a conversation.

Know the main functions.


By tapping this button, you can view all your conversations in the messenger. To return to one of them, just click on the contact’s name.


This is where you can make a conventional phone call, to landline or cell phone, from Brazil or abroad, as long as you have credits to make this type of call. The function can also be activated on the virtual keyboard next to the search bar, above the icons.


In this option, is the list of contacts from your Skype account. If you want to add more people, click on “New contact” and fill in the requested data.


All notifications received on your account are gathered in this area of ​​the messenger.

Meeting/New chat

There are two more functions available just below the main icons. In “Meeting”, you can organize a remote meeting or join one that has already started, while in “New Chat” you can create a group chat, start a private or conventional chat and manage a moderated group.

Chatting on Skype in browser

Click on the name of the person you want to talk to in the contact list to start a conversation on Skype Web. A tab will open in the center of the screen, with all the functions available to carry out the chat.

For a video call, click the camera icon in the upper right corner to send the invitation to the person. In the same area, there is the phone icon for a conventional call, while at the bottom is the microphone for making free audio calls and other features like file sharing.

Want to just text chat? Enter the messages in the “Type here” field, where you can also find several emojis to make the chat more relaxed.

messenger settings

Changing Skype settings online is quite easy, leaving the messenger with “your face”. Click on the three dots icon at the top of the main panel and go to “Settings” to open the menu with all available options.

Adding a profile picture, modifying your account name, entering your birthday, creating shortcuts and changing the language are just some of the actions you can do in this section. You can also manage the colors used on the platform, configure the PC’s camera and microphone, change the password and much more.


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