Skype for Business Online Will Be Deactivated in August 2021


Skype: Microsoft has returned to advise the user community regarding the discontinuation of a version of its oldest active messenger. Skype for Business Online, aimed at the corporate market and working together over the internet, will no longer function as of July 31, 2021.

As the date draws closer, the company has now suggested moving teams to Microsoft Teams — the productivity and video calling platform that has replaced Skype on almost every front, to the point where the messenger doesn’t even come pre- installed on Windows 11.

Teams that have not yet migrated and want to switch to Teams can request assistance from the Microsoft 365 team, with an easy account switch for all registered users that generates as little impact as possible to the team. In these cases, the application will continue to work until the replacement is completed.

Transition period

This is not the first version of the messenger that is closed: Skype Classic was discontinued as of 2018.

Services that work with some kind of application integration will also lose that capability, such as voice settings, cloud services, and call forwarding. Skype for Business was announced in November 2014 and launched the following year.

Overall, Skype managed to survive in 2020 with rapid call creation and a new native integration, but it didn’t stand a chance with the arrival of internal or external rivals — such as Zoom and Google Meet, for example.


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