Skyblivion: TES Oblivion remake made by fans gets video


Skyblivion, a project that recreates The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion using the Skyrim engine, just received another video demonstrating the progress made by the team of developers.

The video is about 20 minutes long and is the second in the “development diary” released on YouTube on the group’s official channel. He mentions that the project received 100 new volunteers ready to make the idea of ​​the game come true and be published. And he says that, although not all volunteers have joined the team, this will be of great help to speed up the project.

Recreating the Bethesda title prior to Skyrim is no easy task, the map of Oblivion is 57km², 20.3km² more than the most recent Elder Scrolls. This whole area needs to be covered with specific vegetation, carefully placed in a way that is faithful to the original game.

It is also necessary to work inside houses, mines and other buildings. The group estimates that the game has about 2663 covered spaces that need to be filled.

Still with no release date and about 5 years since the beginning of the project, something that helps explain the delay for the completion of Skyblivion is the amount of details put in this remake. The caves, for example, are being rebuilt according to the description given by NPCs to them. 3D objects are being made from scratch, with 8032 of the original game to be replaced by new versions made by artists who share this same cause.

The development diary also shows the fully playable Revenge Served Cold quest, which may be a good indicator that this endorsed version of Bethesda may arrive soon. For now, while there are no more details of the game here, you can follow the official website of the remake and wait for news also on the YouTube channel.


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