Sky Sports Deleted IShowSpeed Video and Severed Relations with Youtube due to Past Comments


Sky Sports have removed their videos from IShowSpeed and severed their relationship with the YouTube star, citing concerns about the influencer’s previous comments about women.

IShowSpeed is one of the most promising personalities on YouTube, having officially switched to the platform after being permanently banned from Twitch earlier this year.

After expanding his YouTube presence, Speed gave an interview to Jeff Shreeves of Sky Sports before the Manchester United vs Fulham game, which led to a lot of hilarious viral clips, but now the network is erasing any existence of their collaboration.

On November 14, fans noticed that all Sky Sport tweets with AIDS were suddenly and imperceptibly deleted.


Sky Sports Removes Tweets from IShowSpeed Due to YouTuber’s Past Remarks
According to reports, Sky Sports management was allegedly alerted to Aids’ previous comments against women, some of which landed the YouTuber in hot water.

Although Aids has settled on YouTube, he was also quite widely featured on Twitch before he was banned from the platform after he allegedly made derogatory comments about a woman during a live broadcast with another TV presenter Adin Ross in April 2022.

Aids was also permanently banned from Riot Games’ Valorant after he made sexist remarks about female players, which caused a massive backlash against the young influencer.

The YouTuber is a big football fan and a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, but it looks like his time in the spotlight of football has come to an end.

Speed has yet to comment on Sky Sports’ latest move at the time of writing. We’ll keep you posted right here on Dexerto.


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