Sky Rojo: watch the trailer for the new Netflix action series


This Tuesday (2), Netflix released an official trailer for the Sky Rojo series, developed by the same creators of La Casa de Papel. The action production has Verónica Sánchez, Asier Etxeandia, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Lau Esposíto, Yany Prado and Enric Auquer in the main cast.

Sky Rojo’s plot follows three sex workers who find themselves in big trouble, trying to escape the condition they live in, and need to escape their pimps. The characters’ journey is fraught with various trauma and sentimental dramas that somehow manage to unite them.

Despite having an atmosphere full of dangers and mysteries, the situations presented by the script show that the narrative will have some hints of acid humor. This is already evident in the images recently presented to the public. The premiere is scheduled for March 19 on Netflix.

Check out the full trailer:

Learn more about Sky Rojo, the new series developed by the creators of La Casa de Papel

With the resounding success of La Casa de Papel, the name of screenwriter and producer Álex Pina was consecrated in the television market. Although White Lines, also from Netflix, was not as successful as expected, the chips were now all bet on the launch of Sky Rojo.

Apparently, the series will have a lot of violence and adrenaline throughout its eight initial episodes. If everything goes well with the 1st season, the production can be renewed later.

There is no doubt that one of the things that draws the most attention in the narrative is how the protagonists will manage to get away from their executioners. All of this can only be answered by showing the episodes.

So don’t miss it! Sky Rojo debuts on Netflix on March 19.


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