SKY and Viasat to offer satellite internet plans in Brazil


After opening the 9-channel signal, SKY is announcing another great novelty for the Brazilian market: the sale of broadband plans via satellite in a partnership with Viasat.

This will allow the company to reach more municipalities instead of just 100 where it already sells plans with 4G technology.

The connection will be offered through the Ka band of Telebras’ SGDC-1 satellite, which has been at Viasat’s service since October 2020.

The commercialization of packages, installation and technical support will be under the responsibility of SKY, while the training of distributors, resellers and installers will be carried out by the person responsible for the satellite, as well as the connection with customers.

Sérgio Ribeiro, vice president of Operations and Commercial at SKY Brasil, commented:

We are looking forward to working with Viasat, and this partnership is in line with the company’s goal of providing access to information and entertainment for all Brazilians.

Viasat already has 3 broadband internet plans for sale with the following franchises:

Basic: 10Mbps speed with 40GB deductible with initial monthly fees of R $ 199.00;
Advanced: 40Mbps with 80GB deductible with initial monthly fees of R $ 349.00;
Premium: 30Mbps speed with 160GB of franchise without informed values.
All of them have WiFi integrated in the equipment, navigation and unlimited text messaging, as well as the so-called “Free Night” where the user can use the internet at will between 2 and 7am in the morning without discount on the franchise. It is worth saying that Viasat’s plans must be different from those that will be announced in February by SKY.


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