SKY adds AgroMais HD to the network


This Monday (3), SKY announced news for its customers. The first is the arrival of a new channel to the operator’s grid: AgroMais HD. It brings national coverage of the agribusiness market and news from the main agricultural capitals of Brazil and the world.

Belonging to Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação, the broadcaster was already present in the programming of providers Claro and Vivo since the end of June. At the time, it had also been announced by SKY, but only now entered as an option to the subscriber.

August open sign

The satellite TV operator (DTH) also announced the opening of five more channels in its programming, for this month of August. Four of them will be released for post and prepaid plans: History2, ESPN, E! and Discovery Turbo. Cinemax will only be open to pre-company customers.

In the case of the first two, they have been available to all customers since last Friday (31). The others will have different open signal period dates. Check it out below:

  • History2 (HD 477) – July 31 to August 9
  • ESPN (SD 197 and HD 597) – July 31 to August 7
  • Discovery Turbo (HD 472) – August 9-18
  • AND! (SD 91 and HD 491) – August 10th to 20th
  • Cinemax (SD 112 and HD 512) – 24th to 30th of August (* only in SKY Prepaid)

It is worth remembering that, at the end of May this year, SKY included eight more channels with live streaming signals in its Play Online service.


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