Skull & Bones Loses Its Director, Antoine Henri


Skull & Bones appears to be having a troubled development that is unlikely to improve anytime soon. The game’s co-director, Antoine Henry, announced his departure from Ubisoft after 15 years working with the company.

“Goodbye Ubisoft! After almost 15 years, today was my last day. I’m grateful for the people I met and what they brought me professionally and personally. I hope I’ve been able to give back a little bit.”

Skull & Bones was first announced during Ubisoft’s 2017 E3 conference. It didn’t even have a pandemic yet.

The game has gone through several delays and has a promise for release this year, but it seems hard to fulfill with the way it’s vanished off the radar.

The co-director’s departure certainly shouldn’t help the game’s development, and the timing also raises questions.

Antoine Henry worked at Ubisoft’s Singapore branch, which was at the center of a recent Kotaku report where harassment, toxic work culture and bad pay were reported. The text was published in August of last year, and four months later, Henry leaves his 15-year job without finishing the game he was co-directing.

Ubisoft has long faced harassment issues within the company, and it has apparently been difficult for the company to hold onto its employees. Over time, maybe it won’t just be a smaller game like Skull & Bones that starts to suffer a lot of development.