Skull & Bones is Still Alive With a Contribution of US$ 120 Million and Agreement With Singapore


Skull & Bones: Anyone who follows the development of Skull & Bones must already be a little skeptical that it will finally be released someday. However, an article published recently by the Kotaku website revealed that, somehow, it will have to be released no matter what happens.

The article in question touches on the subject of several problems that occurred over the years of development, including in this relationship the lack of direction for the team at the beginning of the project and a toxic culture among the production team. However, the fact that the game has already reached an investment of US$ 120 million and an agreement with the government of Singapore mean that the project remains in progress.


To give you an idea, the amount injected into the title approaches the approximately US$ 137 million that were spent by Rockstar in the development of GTA V. In the list of the most expensive games in history, Skull & Bones would enter around the 6th place, above names like Max Payne 3 ($105 million) and Battlefield 4 ($100 million).

Kotaku also points out that the deal with the Singapore government involved hiring local talent in exchange for grants, as well as a commitment to release unprecedented intellectual property in the coming years.

troubled project

According to vehicle sources, the chaotic development also involved constant changes and instability at Ubisoft Paris. “Every time we got feedback from Paris, they just freaked out and changed everything and then changed the people who worked on it. And this happened several times,” said a former developer at the European company.

Creative differences and mismanagement made it very difficult for those involved to adjust the scope. The structure of the character progression and the choice of an open world or smaller, more linear spaces were issues that were debated and had their consensus changed several times, for example.

One of the people who spoke to Kotaku said that if it went anywhere other than Ubisoft, Skull & Bones would have already been cancelled. “From the beginning, this project has always been driven by fear,” revealed a developer who is currently at Ubisoft.

There were several testimonies obtained by the report and some of them quite pessimistic. “Nobody knew what the hell they were doing,” said one source, while possibly another claimed that “if Skull & Bones was in a competing company, he would have died 10 times already.”

Despite the comings and goings, the project has not stopped. In 2015, about 100 people worked on the title, while in 2019 this number reached 400.

For those wondering where the game’s production is standing, Ubisoft has revealed that the game has already gone through the Alpha phase of development and, if all goes according to plan, should hit stores sometime before March 2023 .


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