Skul: The Hero Slayer Gets Early Access to Steam January 21


NEOWIZ and SouthPAW Games have announced the official release date for Skul: The Hero Slayer . The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, but its official release will be available soon.

SouthPAW Games had originally planned to launch the game in 2020, but made the difficult decision to delay the release. The developer says the game did not live up to their expectations and the team underestimated the time it would take to fully implement and test.

Game development doesn’t stop until v.10 is released. The developer says he’s working on adding the final two chapters, several cutscenes, and new skull upgrades. They also work on balances and further polish the current game. The developer wants to make sure the big launch goes well.

The game is now available on the Wish List ahead of its full release later this month. Players can also go ahead and purchase the Early Access version right now, as the full version will see a price increase due to the added content currently underway.

Skul: Hero Slayer is an action platform game that tells the story of a lonely skeleton. The human race has attacked the Demon King’s Castle on several occasions over the years. The most current attack was different. The humans have teamed up with the Imperial Army and the “Hero of Caerleon” in a final attempt to completely eradicate the demons once and for all.

With an increase in numbers, human enemies managed to take control of the castle. They managed to destroy the castle and take all the demons captive. Every demon has been captured except for a lone skeleton named Skul.

Skul is equipped with powerful combat abilities. These skills will evolve depending on the two skulls he currently wears. They can give the fighter powers such as increased attack range, speed and potency. It’s up to the players to decide which combos best suit their playstyle. Players can also change their abilities in the middle of battle.

Along the way, Skul will meet a group of adventurers, but they hunt demons for sport. At the end of each chapter, Skul will be further challenged with massive bosses contaminated with the power of Dark Quartz.

The game itself contains Roguelike features, such as maps that change and get harder and harder over time. Players won’t know what to expect.

Skul: The Graduated Hero Slayer Get Steam Early Access on January 21.


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