Skip Bayless’ tweet about the Chiefs Went Viral Last Night


Skip Bayless doesn’t think the Kansas City Chiefs are the real deal-at least not defensively.

During Thursday’s 27-24 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers, a Fox Sports analyst criticized the Chiefs’ defensive group.

“The chiefs are tricking you, man. They are not defending themselves,” he wrote.

Back in 2019, Bayless quoted Russell Westbrook’s famous quote about his teammate Patrick Beverley.

The Chiefs defense scored two sacks, forced six punts and scored on a 99-yard sixth pick. They allowed only 75 yards rushing, but 326 yards in the pass game. The Chargers gained 5.4 yards per game.

Kansas City held the Arizona Cardinals to just seven points in the first three quarters of the first week, racking up three more sacks in this contest.

The Chiefs are starting the 2022 season 2-0, as they face week three matches against the Indianapolis Colts next weekend.


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