Skinny Steve Rogers returns as Powerless Captain America

Warning: Contains spoilers for Avengers Forever #7!
The infamously skinny version of Steve Rogers is finally returning to the Captain America comics, and although he has no powers, he is no less a hero. The return takes place against the backdrop of a large-scale prison scenario in which several variants of Captain America are tested by other variants under the supervision of the Multiverse Avengers. In Avengers Forever #7, Skinny Steve Rogers is tested just like any other option — but will he come out on top?
The Multiverse Masters of Evil, consisting of variants of the Red Skull, strive for domination over the entire multiverse. Thus, they are opposed by a small group of Avengers, which includes Tony Star (Ant-Man), Ghost Rider, Detlock, Infinity Creature and others. Heroes need an army, and that’s why they go to one person in the entire multiverse who constantly confronts evil in the face of incredible difficulties: the human variants of Captain America.
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In Avengers Forever #7, written by Jason Aaron with illustrations by Aaron Cooder, five variants of Steve Rogers find themselves in an inconspicuous prison cell with a single door leading to an insanely difficult course of study. Among the draft-dodging Steve from the 60s and the Wolverine-style version of Captain America is a skinny little Steve Rogers with glasses and a quiet demeanor. This Rogers obviously never swallowed the supersoldier serum and thus never became the Captain America that Marvel fans know, but he did become an artist (who worked at Marvel Comics in all places, judging by his work on Tales of Suspense). .
Skinny Steve Rogers has appeared in Marvel comics before, albeit briefly. Sam Wilson became Captain America after Steve Rogers suffered an attack that resulted in the serum being removed from his body, turning him into his past, skinny self (when he regained his powers, both men agreed to share the name). Canonically, the 616 version of Steve Rogers wanted to be an artist and was very talented, but when World War II broke out, he abandoned his personal goals and joined the United States Army.
In contrast, this Rogers has never served in the military and thus never acquired his powers, but he still bursts through the door with draft-dodging Steve, as well as the dog. He comforts the overweight Steve (who was bullied in his house) and never doubts the abilities of his friends. The fact that he keeps his head held high and does not give in to despair makes this version of Captain America more than worthy of the title, even if he does not have superpowers or Captain America’s signature shield (which he acquires at the end of the question).