Skin Color Changed While Receiving COVID-19 Treatment


The news came from Doctor Yu Fan, whose skin color changed after he got the coronavirus. According to the reports in the Chinese media, the liver values ​​of the doctor returned to normal. This made Fan’s skin color return to his normal state again.

In a news we shared with you in the early days of the coronavirus epidemic, we mentioned that the skin color of a doctor who was infected with the virus in China changed. Scientists said in their statements on the subject that such a situation occurred due to the damage the disease caused to the liver. The good news finally came from one of those doctors. Doctor Yi Fan’s complexion was restored.

According to reports in the Chinese media, Fan learned of an event attended by Wang Chen, who took care of him after he caught COVID-19. Going to that event and thanking Chen, Fan takes off his mask while making statements on the subject. People attending the event also notice the situation and view those moments.

Here is the final version of the doctor whose skin color changed

According to the information obtained, Dr. Yi Fan is back to his old life. The doctor whose liver values ​​recovered naturally regained its former color. It was learned that Fan gave him a bunch of flowers to show his gratitude to Chen.

By the way, in an article we shared months ago, we mentioned that there was another doctor whose skin color changed. Unfortunately, the other doctor, who shared the same fate as Fan, succumbed to the epidemic. Hu Weifeng, a doctor, died in June.

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