Skills and traits of the Turkish agent Valorant Fade


When South Korea, Brazil, Sweden, USA, China, Russia were mentioned, the Turkish hieroglyph was also included.

The Turkish agent, who is expected to come to the FPS game Riot Games Valorant, met with the players on Monday, April 28.

The appearance, abilities and features of the Valorant Fade character are being investigated, which has been long awaited and caused a lot of excitement due to the fact that he is a Turk.

Turkish Agent Valorant: Fade
The most striking feature of the Turkish agent Fade was that she was a woman.

Faide also stands out with henna-like patterns on her hands.

A Turkish bounty hunter uses pure nightmarish power to usurp the secrets of enemies. Working alongside fear, the new agent tracks down his targets, revealing their worst fears before they finish them off.