Skills and The Neural Cloud De Lacey Banner — Is It Worth Quitting?


Neural Cloud presents De Lacey along with the “Divine Heresy” event in an update that will be released on December 28. Read ahead to find out if you should play for De Lacey.

De Lacey Skills

She is a medic, mainly focusing on healing one target with her passivity and strengthening their ATK and Hashrate. She can protect the rest of the team with her ultimate, but it only heals.

PASSIVE: Restoration Replacement

Binds itself to the allied unit with the highest ATK/Hashrate value in the same row, proportionally increasing their ATK/Hashrate and constantly healing them.

AUTO: Chain of Destruction

Gets Super Armor and enhances the healing effect of Recovery Replacement. Deals continuous operand damage to all opponents in contact with the main tether.

ULTIMATE: Cardinal Splendor

Throws cables out of its tail, releasing several energy pulses on the battlefield, dealing operand damage to enemies and providing HP shield to allied units.
De Lacy Banner

De Lacey debuts in Target Search — [Reboot of the Molten Heart]. This banner will start on December 28, 2022 after technical work and will end on January 17, 2023 at 23:59 (UTC -8).

On this banner, De Lacey will be shown as a 3* doll, and the following 3* dolls will receive a slight boost:

  • Hubble
  • Evelyn
  • Florence
  • Banxsy
  • Nanaka
  • Vee
  • Centaureissi

Should you play for De Lacey?

De Lacey is a Neural Cloud character who is classified as a medic, but unfortunately her healing abilities are quite limited. This is a significant flaw in her character, and it makes her less effective in this role compared to other healers such as Nanaka, Florence, or even Persicaria. Due to the nature of its passive, it is more suitable as a buffer. De Lacey occupies a very important place in your team and requires the attention of the player whenever she is on the field.

It is best used with another healer, for example with the three mentioned above. Her two best targets, Sueyoi and Nora, are not yet included in the game, which means she will be even more limited in her use cases. It’s hard to make an argument to take her on your team, let alone pull for her.

There is also a high probability that she will appear in many future banners, so there is no need to spend your valuable rolls on her banner.


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