Skills and Banner of Neural Cloud Hatsuchiri — Is It Worth Throwing?


Neural Cloud adds Hatsuchiri in the second half of the Divine Heresy event. Read ahead to find out if you should make a throw at Hatsuchiri.

Hatsuchiri Skills

She is a warrior with excellent survivability thanks to her passive Nether Plunge skill. This skill also gives her [Sneaking], allowing Hatsuchiri to reach distant enemies, making her a key component in low-range compositions. She also has great versatility due to crowd control, which can be obtained both with the activation of [Stalker], and with her Absolute Skill, Forgotten by Vga’nagle.

PASSIVE — Immersion in the Void

Hatsuchiri gains immunity to 1 deadly attack and enters [Stealthily] when the immunity is triggered.
[Sneaking] is also automatically triggered at the beginning of each fight.
Sneaking: Approach the farthest enemy and throw all surrounding enemies into the air after a short delay, causing physical damage.

AUTO – Tearing Blitz

Deals three consecutive blows of physical damage to the current target. The second strike will cause derivative physical damage to all surrounding enemies. If the current target dies, Hatsuchiri enters [Stealthily].

ULTIMATE — The Forgotten Vga’nagl

Immobilizes the selected target and moves towards it, inflicting physical damage to it and fully recharging the Hatsuchiri AUTOMATIC Skill.
Hatsuchiri Banner

Hatsuchiri sneaks into the Neural Cloud in a Targeted Search — [Echo of the Earth’s Core]. This banner is currently active and will be active until January 24, 2023, 23:59 UTC-8.

On this banner, Hatsuchiri will be shown as a 3* doll, and the following 3* dolls will receive a slight boost:

  • Hubble
  • Evelyn
  • Florence
  • Banksy
  • Gin
  • Changzhi
  • Centaurissi

Is it worth betting on Hatsuchiri?

Hatsuchiri is a Neural Cloud character belonging to the warrior class. However, don’t let her classification fool you — she has an excellent range thanks to her Prowl ability. She is often considered the best choice for players who need an easy-to-use character, especially for those who may be new to the game or for those with a lazy style of play.

Hatsuchiri is a very versatile character. It has excellent survivability and can cause significant damage. While she may not be particularly known for her use of features, she more than makes up for it with her strong underlying performance and the help of tuning algorithms.

Her presence in the team also allows you to place 2 warriors well, since she can easily get to the enemy’s rear.

In terms of overall strength in the game, Hatsuchiri is considered one of the best warriors available. Thus, she can be a good investment for players who want to add her to their team. As for the composition of the team, she has good synergy with Angela, a 2* specialist, and is expected to work well with Nora after her release.

The final verdict is YES, you should probably choose Hatsuchiri in terms of gameplay. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough rolls, as it is expected that it will be added to the permanent search pool in the future.


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