Skate 4 shows the first shots of the gameplay


The developer of Skate 4 Full Circle has officially unveiled the first gameplay video of the upcoming game, showing early preliminary alpha frames with missing textures and placeholder objects, as well as a more advanced demonstration with proper lighting and texturing. The studio also officially invites players to join the testing as insiders after previous rumors about Full Circle’s collaboration with fans.

According to a well-known industry insider Tom Henderson, Skate 4 has been in the testing stage for several months, which is confirmed by an unofficial confirmation found in the Origin API. The leak suggested that the participants had the correct characters and stats during the game. However, progress should not have been transferred to Skate 4 after the end of the game testing period. The report has given rise to new rumors that the game may be released this year, but judging by the recent official demo, the game is still at an early stage of development.

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Vancouver studio Full Circle showed the first Skate 4 game video dedicated to the current build of the expected game in development. The official video is somewhat similar to the previously leaked footage of the Skate 4 gameplay, which was shared by an industry insider in April. But while the latest video presents simplified visuals with placeholder objects and missing textures, it also has a brief overview of what Skate 4 might look like after development is complete. There are some basic skating moves and physics in the footage along with what appears to be a user environment, which suggests there may be a map editor. Full Circle encourages fans to join the Skate. pre-evaluation program, which will allow them to get the opportunity to play and leave feedback. According to the studio, this will help shape the future of Skate 4.

The current pre-alpha status of Skate 4 raises more questions than answers, especially regarding the release date of the game. Earlier this year, EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced that the release date of Skate 4 is coming soon. Those plans may have changed since then, but there’s still a chance that the grueling wait for a sequel is coming to an end.

Full Circle’s decision to share a demo of the gameplay of the Skate 4 pre-alpha build clearly indicates that the development team wants to collect feedback from fans of the franchise to ensure that the expected sequel will bring the best possible experience. At this early stage, the team is probably focused on finding the perfect solutions for how the game feels and challenges the players. By engaging the community, Full Circle can potentially get some valuable ideas.