Skate 4 Shares A New Teaser With Fans: “We Are Working On It”


Skate 4: Full Circle, the studio behind the new Skate, shares a teaser with fans. Those responsible say they continue “working” on it. Skate 4 has shared a new atypical teaser! Instead of showing the entire audience a preview of their gameplay, they show us the reactions of some of the fans who have been able to do so. Open world, climbing, tricks… Everything seems to be in place. Of course, Full Circle still does not indicate a specific launch framework: “We are working on it,” they reveal.

During the video, of just over a minute, we can see some sections of the motion capture sessions. Professional skateboarders are in charge of transferring the real animations when handling the board to the digital world. We must wait for development to run its course.

New Skate: everything we know

Days before the celebration of EA Play Live 2021, those responsible for the new installment of Skate confirmed that they would miss the event. They did so by publishing an open letter where they made their intentions clear.

“What have we been doing?” They ask rhetorically. “Well, we formed a studio in January, we managed to bring together a very talented group of people, who have joined the family, and we have been working hard on the new game.” And they add the following: “We know that many of you expect to hear more from us this week, but we are not ready yet and we will not be part of the EA Play Live show this Thursday. It is still early days and we are committed to doing that well, which means it will take us some time. ”

We know that in the direction are the original creators of the Skate saga. Both Deran Chung and Cuz Parry are the leaders charged with bringing the brand back more than 10 years after Skate 3, the latest installment.


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