Sites To Download EBooks For Free


EBooks: Although physical books still have a certain charm, eBooks are the most practical. After all, with a tablet or Kindle in hand, you can have countless books just a click away. Digital books have been around for a long time, but it was a few years ago with greater investments from Amazon, that they became more popular – it was not for nothing that the company achieved the status of the greatest reference in the segment.

In addition to being more practical, this medium is even more economical than physical books (at least, in most cases). You can find eBooks on the Internet for unbelievably lower prices than those practiced by bookstores. In addition to being cheaper, they are often still available at no cost. Below, we list some trusted sites for you to download digital titles (including classics and award-winning titles) without spending anything:

Where to find free eBooks?

Although it is natural to think that it is piracy, this practice is common among government websites and bookstores. The goal is to encourage reading, as well as to facilitate people’s access to books – and, of course, in some cases, to boost the site’s popularity and sales. So rest assured: the following sites are official and safe.


Evidently, Amazon could not be left out of that list. This is because, in addition to being a reference in digital book sales, the site has a vast range of free eBooks – including classics from foreign and national literature.

The company, even, escapes the premise that something free implies low quality. In addition to offering renowned works, current and old, the media usually have a great format (which is indispensable when talking about digital reading). To access, click here.


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