Sites blocked in Internet Explorer! Instagram and more


Microsoft seems to have found another way to dissuade people from using Internet Explorer. After the company releases the newest version of its new web browser Edge, it will block access to 1156 websites, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, through Internet Explorer. Users who want to access these sites will be directed to the Edge.

The list will be maintained in a DLL file Microsoft has placed in Edge installations over the summer. In Internet Explorer, the list is on an add-on. This list tracks the websites visited through the browser.

On the websites that Microsoft does not prefer to be visited from Internet Explorer, a message will appear in front of users as follows: “You have been directed to Microsoft Edge, where you can continue surfing the Internet without interruption. If you need to go to a site visited through Internet Explorer, you can do it via the Internet Explorer mode of the Edge. ”

The inaccessibility of sites such as YouTube and Twitter on Internet Explorer can be seen as an unimportant situation. However, just like older versions of Android, Internet Explorer still uses a considerable group of people. According to StatCounter data for September, Internet Explorer’s share in the global internet browser market is 1.19 percent. This latest change can be seen as one of the last nails Microsoft has hammered into the Internet Explorer’s coffin. The company is preparing to say goodbye completely with Internet Explorer in 2021.


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