A Site Writing Fake News with Artificial Intelligence Was Established


A company has created a news site where artificial intelligence will create news templates. The prepared news templates can be used by journalists. However, realistic news templates prepared by artificial intelligence suggest that fake news can spread from the website.

Artificial intelligence is used to create news templates using fake news patterns in the new website “NotRealNews.net”. In the “about” section of the website, a project of the artificial intelligence development company Big Bird, the site’s artificial intelligence algorithm is said to help journalists make striking news quickly.

Although this information is included in the ‘about’ section of the site, the news content on the site can be described as realistic. This can cause people to go further than using these templates as templates.

The website contains categories with political, cultural and scientific news. Most of the news seems quite convincing, although the algorithm seems wrongly wrong with some news headlines. News such as the resignation of British Finance Minister Sajid Javid seem very close to reality.

The fake news on the website developed by Big Bird is not that much. Fictional developments about the US presidential race are among the news on the site. One of the most interesting news is the news about a corona virus outbreak with contradictory reports.

Big Bird thinks that journalists can make striking news in a much shorter time using the website. Journalists who want to use the news template can remove the errors of the algorithm and complete the news with real information. At least Big Bird says it should be. However, the fact that the content and spelling of the news published on the site is very similar to reality may cause some false news to spread and misinformation.


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