Site lets you animate old photos using Deepfake

The MyHeritage website, which offers online genealogy services, has launched a tool that allows you to animate images using deepfake. Called “Deep Nostalgia”, the platform’s main objective is to bring old photos to life, but it can also be used in recent files.

Available on this website, the tool can be used free of charge, but the user needs to create a login with email and password, in addition to accepting the terms of use, to access the function. After registering, just upload a photo for the “magic” to happen.

Deep Nostalgia uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize specifics of the photo and animate the face. The result is available in a video of approximately 15 seconds, which can be downloaded and shared by the user.

It is important to note that the animation is not always perfect, and the result can vary according to the quality of the photo and the position of the face, for example. The MyHeritage platform allows you to make several animations for free and all the results are available in the “My Photos” tab of Deep Nostalgia.

Bad safety record

MyHeritage is known for having caused a leak that compromised data from 3.3 million Brazilians in 2018. If you don’t intend to continue using the company’s services and want to delete your information after using Deep Nostalgia, just go to the account menu and follow the steps available in the option to delete the profile.

For those who do not want to create a profile on the website, it is possible to see some video samples made with the technology on the Deep Nostalgia website. In addition, several people are publishing animations created on Twitter on the platform, which are marked with the hashtag #DeepNostalgia

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