Site where you can download more than 38.000 Flash Games


Adobe will cease Flash support in late 2020. Along with Flash, Flash games that marked the early 2000s will also be history. A developer who tried to prevent Flash games from disappearing made more than 38,000 games downloadable.

Adobe Flash has become a tool disliked by browsers today, but Flash was once the backbone of web-based games and animations. Adobe announced that the support of Flash, once legend, will cease at the end of 2020.

Flash games will also be history with Adobe’s cessation of support. A programmer named BlueMaxima, who did not want to allow flash games to go down in history, archived more than 38,000 games with an application called Flashpoint.

38,000 games archived by BlueMaxima contain a significant part of the game history. Some of the games offered by BlueMaxima are, of course, replicas of real games. Some, however, remain a phenomenon.

Games such as Bejeweled, Kingdom Rush were among the most played games in the Flash game world before gaining great success in the mobile market. Without a Flash game like Crush the Castle, it probably would not have been in a game called Angry Birds.

BlueMaxima offered almost all of these games as downloadable on its website. You can play the offered Flash games with Flashpoint. The games offered by BlueMaxima are about 290GB in total.

While all the games can be downloaded from the site at once, there is also the option to download one by one. You can find the Flashpoint required to download and play more than 38,000 Flash games here.


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