How to sit at a computer to avoid back pain and fatigue?


People who stay in a single sitting order for a long time with the increase in desk jobs also experience back pain and fatigue. So how can we sit properly avoiding these ailments?

One of the biggest problems of people who sit at the computer for a very long time is back and neck pain. During this period when we closed the houses due to coronavirus, more and more people started to feel these pains frequently. So how can we solve this problem? Do we sit in the right position while working?

Sitting may seem like an extremely innocent and harmless act, but that’s not exactly the case. Physiotherapist Dr. According to Kelly Starrett, there are some things to be aware of so that people who sit and work constantly do not feel pain, stiffness and fatigue. If you constantly experience pain while sitting, it will be useful for you to know the mechanics of sitting properly.

How to sit properly at the computer to avoid back pain and fatigue?
Tighten your butt as much as possible.
Pull forward to align the rib cage with your pelvis.
Tighten your abdomen with a minimum of 20% tension.Put your head in a neutral position and your shoulders are constantly aligned.

After following these steps, your spine will be healthier. If you want, you can lean forward or back.

When you practice this position, your abdominal muscles will work during your sitting. After sitting down, it may seem easier to take shape according to the relaxed position, but thanks to the correct position, you will work your muscles and thereby maximize the load on your spine.

Get up every 15 minutes
Starrett states that the most important activity for people who do desk work for long periods is to get up every 10-15 minutes and switch to a new seating arrangement. The physiotherapist, who states that it is not necessary to sit in one position for a long time to improve our body, suggests getting up and changing positions occasionally. For example, you can kneel in front of your desk while checking your emails.

Leaving all these suggestions aside, you are the people who know your own body best. If you experience frequent pains due to sitting, you can choose the most comfortable sitting position based on this information and move more often than usual.