Sister Wives: Audrey shows a deeper voice after taking testosterone


Audrey Criss from Sister Wives recently shared that they track the process of voice change after starting taking testosterone. For almost a year, Audrey has been sharing her transgender journey with supporters as they posted updates along the way. Now Audrey has just passed an important milestone.

Back in December 2021, Audrey announced her transgenderism on social networks. Mariah Brown’s partner said that they like to live a real life. Mariah is the only daughter of Mary and Cody Brown. To the great surprise of her parents, she declared herself gay in the TV series “Sister Wives”. At first, Mary and Cody struggled to adopt their only daughter’s lifestyle because of their conservative religious beliefs. But in the end Mariah was welcomed with open arms and soon brought Audrey home to meet the family.

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Over the weekend, Audrey took to her Instagram page to share a video montage of their changing voices. Although Audrey was the first to admit that their voice hadn’t changed dramatically, they said they liked the changes they had witnessed over the past nine months after taking low doses of testosterone. Followers could hear the subtle difference in Audrey’s vocal range and were glad to see that she was succeeding in their truth. Audrey’s video was playful and filled with positivity as they shared months of clips in the compilation.

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Gwendlyn Brown, who identifies as bisexual, commented on the video of her future brother and sister, noting that she “cried so much” on the video. Audrey wanted to share her journey to inspire others who might find themselves in the same situation. In December 2021, Audrey shared that they would use the pronouns “they/they”, but would keep their name. Audrey said they got to the point where, even though they were afraid to admit the truth about who they were, the risk was worth it. Audrey also shared that they will present themselves as a man.

Earlier this month, Audrey shared that they successfully went under the knife and had surgery upstairs earlier this month. They uploaded a video showing the couple in early 2020 and then moved on to the present as it showed Audrey with her shirt unbuttoned. The scars were visible when they pointed to the place where the doctors removed their breasts. Audrey is thriving in her new body and the fans are very happy.

The sister wives haven’t been renewed for a new season yet, but Audrey and Mariah most likely won’t be part of the show. The couple currently lives in Utah and spends most of their time at Meri’s B&B. As far as viewers know, the couple is still planning to get married, but has not yet set a date.