Sister Wives: Audrey Criss shared a cute steamy photo with Leon


Audrey Criss from Sister Wives shared an adorable photo of them and their partner Leon Brown. These two are clearly madly in love and spend the most time together. Audrey has been informing her social media followers about the couple’s journey for many years without leaving a single photo.

Audrey and Leon have been very open with Sister Wives fans about their travels. Leon is the only child of Mary and Cody Brown, and for a long time he had to achieve a lot, because so much was expected of them. Leon now works as a social justice advocate and works in the education system. Sister Wives viewers watched Leon bravely open up to his parents when they declared themselves gay in a 2017 episode of Sister Wives. At first, Mary and Cody struggled to adopt their only child’s lifestyle because of their conservative religious beliefs. Soon after, when Leon was in college, he met Audrey, and the rest became history.

Over the weekend, Audrey from Sister Wives shared a photo in which she and Leon were almost identical, as they were both wearing shorts, a button-down top and with short hair. Audrey captioned the photo: “Let’s laugh together forever.” They even joked that Leo copied their image. Leon wasted no time defending them in the comments section, writing that they actually got dressed first. They also noted that they were all in favor of laughing together forever. It was the couple’s first photo after moving to Denver, Colorado, where Leon’s sister Gwendoline Brown also liked the image.

Towards the end of June, Sister Wives viewers found out that Leon had changed his name and became transgender. Audrey also declared herself transgender back in December 2021. At the time, Leon noted that not everything in their lives had been clarified, but they finally wanted to share that they knew who they were, stating that they would use the pronouns they/them. from now on. Leon also said that they knew they weren’t girls, especially after growing up in such a strict polygamous family.

TLC has just announced that the 17th season of Sister Wives will premiere in September. The duo has not participated in the show for a while, but viewers are wondering if Leon and Audrey will appear. The new season will tell about the divorce of Kristin and Cody, as well as about Mary’s plan for her life.


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