Sister-wife Fans Think Mariah and Audrey May Already Be Married


Extremely observant fans of Sister Wives noticed Mariah Brown with a ring on her hand and think that she may have already tied the knot with Audrey Criss. The couple has been hiding since the family show ended last season. Audrey and Mariah live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and fans are worried they might have missed the wedding.

Sister Wives fans were thrilled when Mariah asked Audrey a question after she confessed to her polygamous family as a lesbian on live TV. In 2017, Mariah boldly sat down her father, mother and additional mothers to explain who she is as a person. At the time, Mariah shared that her relationship with Audrey was refreshed, and noted that their relationship had turned into a romantic relationship. The couple traveled happily together and returned to Utah when the pandemic broke out.

In a recent post by Audrey on Instagram, fans noted that Mariah wore a gold wedding ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Followers couldn’t see Audrey’s hand as it was blocked. But supporters immediately began to wonder if they were already married. There were a lot of changes in the couple, who celebrated their time in style at Pride in Salt Lake City. Audrey recently revealed that they identify as transgender and will henceforth use the pronouns they/them.

In the post, Audrey shared that they had undergone major surgery, and it was the first month of pride in which they could walk around with their shirt unbuttoned and unbuttoned. Mariah was seen hugging her spouse in a show of support, as well as an unbuttoned shirt. The couple did not mention the ceremony or the change in the status of the relationship, but it is possible that they decided to have a quiet wedding during the pandemic, which has been going on for more than two years. Mariah’s mother, Mary, hasn’t hinted that she’s been the mother of the bride lately, so it’s possible that it could just be a promise ring.

Although Sister Wives fans will have to follow the couple’s news, they already know that Mariah and Audrey won’t be filming their wedding if they’re still engaged. Both agreed that the show did not suit them, and gradually moved away from the spotlight. TLC has not announced a new season yet, but fans hope that it will happen soon, especially since there are rumors that Cody may walk down the aisle again.