Siri Will Protect Your Phone From Fraudsters


Siri increases security for Apple devices. When iPhone users open the Siri service for the first time, they say certain sentences to teach the AI ​​how it sounds. However, Apple has begun working on expanding this feature. Because the company discovered that some malicious people deceived Siri with voice imitation.

According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, the company is working on a Siri feature that will learn to ignore the voice of a fraudster.

Siri increases security for Apple devices

According to Apple’s new patent, Siri will soon take advantage of the phone’s accelerometer feature to detect deceptive sounds. In this way, the user “Hey Siri!” When you give the command, artificial intelligence will determine whether this voice belongs to the owner of the device. It will automatically detect people who imitate his voice.

Siri features are automatically restricted when your smartphone is locked. So as long as the device is locked, the probability of a fraudster to harm you in this way is pretty low. But when it’s unlocked; Or it is still useful to take additional security measures against other possible dangers.

Apple has focused more on AirPod devices for this patent. However, if the expected innovation is accepted, it will be applied to iPhone, iPad, HomePod mini and many more devices.

On the other hand, the company may also opt out of this patent altogether in the future. Because there are many features that Apple has not patented until now. Whether the feature in question will be implemented or not will be determined in the future.

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