Sinister Dead: a new character will appear in the game in the first season


Released in May 2022, the horror survival from Saber Interactive Sinister Dead: The game is probably still fresh in the memory of the gaming community. Just a few months after the game became publicly available, the development team is already releasing its first season with a season pass and exciting updates Evil Dead: Game Supplement. Now Saber Interactive has announced that a new playable character will be released along with content updates coming later this year.

The title is based on the American horror film franchise of the same name, who is not familiar with the Evil Dead: The Game, the title is based on the American horror film franchise of the same name. Created by the famous horror film director Sam Raimi, the Sinister Dead franchise consists of four films and a television series. in, including the latest release of The Evil Dead: A Game in 2022. Since many members of the gaming community are also fans of the horror genre, it is not surprising that new games are being developed based on the franchise.

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The first season of Evil Dead: The game will be released in September 2022. As part of the first season ticket of the game, a new game character was recently introduced on official social networks. A character named Mia Allen will be added to the current game list. Fans of the “Sinister Dead” films will most likely remember Mia Allen as the younger half-sister of David Allen, two characters who played crucial roles in the 2013 film. According to the message, Mia will join the Evil Dead: Survivors team in the game.

The responses to the ad seem to show excitement about the arrival of Mia Allen’s character in Evil Dead: The Game. Fans seem to think that this announcement predicts that other characters from the 2013 movie may also join the 2022 video game. This includes Mia’s brother David, his girlfriend Natalie and their childhood friends Olivia and Eric. Since this is the first official announcement of the new content of the Sinister Dead: The Game, including its first season, players probably still have a lot to look forward to until the update is released in September.

There are only a few weeks left until September, so fans of “The Sinister Dead: The Game” won’t have to wait too long for the first season. We hope that Sabre Interactive will show more new significant characters to take advantage of the excitement that Mia Allen’s discovery has already caused. the base of the game’s players.

The Evil Dead: The Game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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