Single’s Inferno: The new reality show about love and couples that is sweeping Netflix


With 6 episodes aired out of a total of 8 scheduled, Single’s Inferno, titled for Hispanic audiences as Cielo para dos, with Korean talent and produced for the international platform Netflix, has quickly become a resounding success in the world of reality shows. a genre that, while widely explored in the Asian entertainment industry, has never reached such a broad global reach as before.

A few days before debuting with a first season on December 18, Cielo para dos / Single’s Inferno was able to arouse the curiosity of international audiences by showing a group of young and attractive singles born in South Korea willing to seek love while facing some tests and they interact in front of the cameras, through a staging with a format widely known in other parts of the world but never seen starring South Koreans.

The description of Netflix quotes: Always ready for flirting, these singles and singles are looking for love on a desert island, from which they can only escape as couples on dream dates.

The series has managed to gain the attention not only of lovers of K-Dramas, but also of the general public who wait for new episodes every Saturday with an attractive group of single people trapped on a desert island and where the protagonists are. the only way to escape is as a couple. Those who succeed can move to Heaven’s Island for one night to get to know each other better, share more personal information that was not allowed before and where they will be given luxury accommodation; while those that are not selected will spend the night in solitude on the Island of Hell.

The first episode originally featured 9 participants (5 men and 4 women), who in the last two broadcasts so far have been joined by 3 more singles (2 women and one man). The first contestants in order of appearance go by the names of Kim Hyeon Joong, Moon Se Hoon, Shin Ji Yeon, Kim Jun Sik, Kang So Yeon, Choi Si Huk, An Yea Won, Song Ji A, and Oh Jin Taek.

To the very hot situation that viewers have seen face on screen to the group of young singles born in South Korea, in which several limitations prevail to consolidate a relationship, some discussions and not a few disappointments, a new and unexpected dramatic turn has revolutionized to the already complicated panorama. The fifth episode of Cielo para dos / Single’s Inferno introduced a new member, the likable Kim Su Min, who would be joined a little later in the same episode by two more, the attractive Seong Min Ji and the sexy Cha Hyun Seung.

The reality show also has the added value of four luxury hosts, singer and actor Cho Kyu Hyun, member of the band Super Junior; fellow singer and host Jung Han Hae; veteran actress, comedian and host Hong Jin Kyung and famous K-drama and film actress Lee Da Hee. His mission on the show is to remotely monitor what happens to the participants in each episode and share his impressions with the public.