Single’s Day: Wearables, Cell Phones And More At Unmissable Prices


Single’s Day: November 11th is coming. For many, this may just be another Thursday, but for those who are aware of discounts and good prices, the date can be quite interesting. After all, since 2009, 11.11, already known in China as Single’s Day (Single’s Day, in free translation), has also become the main shopping day in the eastern world.

To get an idea of ​​the impact of the date, just in 2020, the Alibaba group – precisely who created the commercial event on 11.11 – had revenues of US$ 74.1 billion in sales, surpassing its mark of the previous year and other major commercial dates in the world .

And AliExpress, the group’s biggest brand, could not be left out. In 2021, there are several unmissable offers and discounts, reinforcing its pillars: variety, reliability and competitive prices.

And you can check all these discounts on the AliExpress website, on a page created especially for 11.11.

But, in addition, we, at TecMundo, have separated some interesting offers that are already available on the Single’s Day. several items also come with free shipping.

Check out the products we have selected and enjoy!

Xiaomi 11T Lite NE

For those looking for cell phones, we have selected good options from well-known brands. Xiaomi, for example, will be at competitive prices in its Redmi10, 11T Pro and 11T Lite, like this one. It already has 5G compatibility, a 64-megapixel triple camera and a 6.55-inch amoled display. It’s worth taking a look at the offers and considering taking advantage of the 11.11 discount.

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus is a Chinese brand that sells itself as a producer of powerful smartphones without costing the same as the big brands. And on 11.11, the 8T and 9 Pro versions will have good discounts for those who want to buy a weighty device. In the case of the 8T, it comes with snapdragon 865, 5G compatibility, 48 megapixel quad camera and Android 11-based operating system.