Single’s Day: 7 tips to enjoy Chinese Black Friday


The traditional Black Friday is coming and a lot of people are already preparing for the offers that will appear, but do you know the Chinese Black Friday? The event takes place on November 11 and guarantees big discounts on sites like Aliexpress, Gearbest, Shopee and several others.

Also known as Single’s Day, Chinese Black Friday initially promoted various entertainments for people to find a romantic couple. But with the consumption potential of the date, retailers began to invest in promotions.

Today the event is a success and covers offers from various segments, from home items to the most advanced gadgets. And if you are still afraid to buy from international sites or do not know how to take advantage of 11.11, check out some tips we have prepared.

1. Plan what you are going to buy
As with Black Friday offers, you need to plan for Chinese promotions. Make a list of what you want to buy and follow the price history of the products. So, when the day comes, you will know the cost-benefit of the offer and avoid falling into the temptation to shell out more than the budget allows.

2. Buy on secure websites
Sites like Aliexpress Brasil, Gearbest Brasil and Banggood are some of the most reliable ones to buy in this Black Friday heater. Avoid buying from unknown e-commerce, even if the offer is very “unmissable”.

3. See product reviews
In an eagerness to take advantage of Black Friday offers, be careful not to take a product without knowing if it is worth it.

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Check the reviews of other buyers and analyze if that promotion is really advantageous or the product is not of quality. Here’s the tip: if the evaluation is Brazilian, even better.

4. Compare prices on the website
On sites like Aliexpress we see the same product being advertised several times, due to resellers. For this reason, it is important to compare prices within the site to see if this is the best option that the site offers. Sometimes the cheapest product has the highest shipping or negative ratings.

5. Compare to national sites
In that heats Black Friday, do the calculations of how much will actually come out the purchase. After all, it is necessary to account for freight as well.

After calculating how much the product costs with all of this, compare it with national stores (and the delivery freight). Sometimes the same product can be more cost-effective if purchased in Brazil.

6. Check the delivery time
Since Single’s Day is an international event, delivery may take a while. So always check the deadline. If you need the product for now, it is worth rethinking the purchase a little depending on how long it will take to arrive.

7. Analyze the freight cost
Remember to take the dollar into account when calculating freight. As the currency is high, freight can be more expensive than you think.



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