Singleplayer games and new studios set to mark Xbox


In an interview with GameReactor, Phil Spencer commented a little on the future of Xbox, reflecting on the business model implemented in the 360 ​​generation and comparing it with the current one. According to the big boss, part of his company’s investment will go towards the acquisition of studios and brands, focusing on the creation of casual titles and single-player experiences.

When asked about his mindset regarding learning in recent years, Spencer said that, at the time of Xbox 360, there was not much investment in authorial content, something that impacted the creative capacity of his studios. Thus, it was necessary for the director to take charge of the projects so that they could begin to be started as soon as possible, with the expectation that they would work in a few years. It was then that the focus shifted to the future rather than the immediate present.

Meanwhile, Microsoft saw competitor Sony take the lead in the race for exclusives, bringing

award-winning, well-rated, high-profile single-player experiences. Thus, Phil Spencer’s new business model set out to pursue new acquisitions, such as Bethesda and several others, focusing on the distribution of games to the casual public.

With the Xbox Series S / X coming, Spencer’s expectation is to fill the profitable Game Pass even more with new titles, bringing “broad appeal” content to expand the portfolio, feeding the subscription and bringing new developers to the service. “Now, with ZeniMax, we have reached 23 original studios and incredible training. So I am feeling very well with the support we have,” concluded the Xbox boss.

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