Singapore to reward healthy Apple Watch owners


Apple collaborates with the government of Singapore to encourage citizens of the country to live a healthier life and move with Apple Watch. The program, which will last two years, is the first of its kind, according to Apple. The country administration offers cash rewards to its citizens who participate in a healthier life effort.

According to CNBC’s report, residents of Singapore need an Apple Watch to participate in the government program run through the iPhone app called LumiHealth. The application in question will be published in the App Store in October.

Users who enroll in the program will be offered a one-time cash prize of up to 380 Singapore dollars. Activities such as meditation, walking, swimming, better sleep quality and public health actions such as immunization will be rewarded. When the Kovid-19 vaccine is available, users will be encouraged to be vaccinated through the application.

Participants will also benefit from wellness challenges and games prepared by doctors and fitness experts. Tasks to be given will be based on demographic factors such as age, gender, weight. In this way, super athletes will not compete against people who are just starting out in wellness and exercise.

Singapore is the first country to launch such a program with the Apple Watch. This country also offers universal healthcare for its 5.6 million citizens through a complex financial system. Within the scope of this, there is a public insurance program that covers high bills due to care in the hospital. However, patients still pay premiums, co-insurance and co-payments for some medical care.

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Meanwhile, Singapore has invested in programs that encourage people to be healthier before. In this way, it aims to reduce the number of citizens who get sick and need medical care in the long term. In August 2019, a collaboration with Fitbit was announced, and it was noted that work was carried out with other technology companies at that time.


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