Singapore, Seoul and London top list of smart cities


The cities of Singapore (capital of the country of the same name), Seoul (South Korea) and London (England) obtained the highest marks in the most recent smart cities report published by the Eden Strategy Institute. As a result, they are now considered the most intelligent cities in the world in terms of governance.

The list is equivalent to the performance of the regions in 2020 and 2021 from a series of evaluated categories, such as budget, support programs, innovation ecosystems, vision and leadership. In all, the objective is not only to assess whether the site has adopted digital tools and services, but also whether there is a defined strategy for use and a high rate of adoption by society.

Check below the top 10 of the ranking and the respective score of each city.

Amsterdam – 31.1
Vienna – 31.2
Shanghai – 31.3
Montreal – 31.8
New York – 31.9
Helsinki – 32
Barcelona – 32.1
London – 33.1
Seoul – 34
Singapore – 35.8

And Brazil?

In all, the study looked at more than 230 cities from all over the world. No Brazilian representative reached the top 50, which had 18 new cities in this score range – which means that more and more regions are looking for good places in the study.

Only one city in the country received a mention in the study, without having its position revealed in the ranking. Capital of Paraná, Curitiba was highlighted in the report for its sustainability policies and the adoption of alternative energies in the bus fleet, among other projects.

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