Singapore, for those who train with Apple Watch


In addition to the new iPads and the sixth generation of its smart watch, Apple announced on Tuesday (15) a new government partnership in Singapore that will reward those who stay in shape and use the company’s products.

The initiative is called LumiHealth and involves an application of the same name that records physical activities and daily habits synchronized via Apple Watch and iPhone. You perform the exercises using the watch and, when the movements are sent to the cell phone, you earn rewards on the digital service.

Anyone who participates in the government program on a voluntary basis already needs to own both devices. The person will receive “challenges” to be fulfilled based on age and physical type, all with a gamification background to facilitate the fulfillment of activities.

In addition to exercise, the app offers food suggestions, tips to improve sleep quality and information on public health, such as the current case of the covid-19 pandemic.

Volunteers who go through all stages will be awarded cash for up to S $ 380 – about R $ 1,400 in direct currency conversion. According to the developer, all data is encrypted and is stored securely.

The LumiHealth initiative is expected to last two years and start in October 2020. For now, the partnership is exclusive with the government of Singapore and came from the politicians themselves, with Apple showing itself to be one of those interested in collaborating.

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