Since the sale of Sunset Lands was the big news of the renewal on Netflix, one star will not return in Season 6


The Netflix reality series “Sunset Sale” about the personal and professional lives of leading real estate agents in Los Angeles has become a rather unexpected hit among viewers: all the last five seasons after the release were in the top 10. And the “Real Housewives” franchise may be worth watching out for, because this streaming empire is constantly expanding: Selling Tampa will premiere in December 2021, and Selling The OC in August 2022. The Mothership series has now received some important update news from the streaming platform. , but this good news is related to the update that one star will not return in season 6.

Netflix Confirms Sunset Sale Has Been Extended for Two More Seasons

In a rare moment for pop culture, the rumors turned out to be true. In January last year, a few months before the 5th season was released, a lot of rumors spread online that the “Sunset Sale” had already received the green light for two more seasons. The main co-star of the film, Heather Ray Young (now Mrs. Tarek El Moussa), apparently celebrated at that time by posting a lot of cute retro photos of the actors. Well, Netflix has finally confirmed the assumption: the 6th and 7th seasons are in full swing, and the sixth set of episodes should start filming this summer.

Even without earlier rumors fueling fan fervor, the news of the extension isn’t entirely surprising. From the hype surrounding Emma Hernan’s alleged match from Heaven with Ben Affleck to the surprising romantic revelations of Krischel Stous, “Sunset Sale” has been a byword, which Netflix executives would probably like all their unscripted shows to be. So much so that the reality TV series was a great success at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2022, receiving the award “Best Reality TV Star” (Stauss) and “Best Documentary Reality Series”.

On the eve of the 6th season, One Star is leaving the Sunset sale

Perhaps the only downside to Selling Sunset’s sea of success is that it loses one of its original stars. TMZ reports that Maya Vander, who was part of the streaming hit for all five seasons, is leaving for good. Production sources allegedly told the publication that Vander prefers to prioritize his growing family and his Miami business in the future instead. Presumably, she has already transferred her real estate license from the infamous Oppenheim Group to the Miami firm Compass.

Maya Vander is not yet listed on Compass’s official website as one of their Miami real estate agents. But if and when it’s confirmed, this Season 6 update won’t be too surprising either. The reality TV star has been hinting for some time about the “Sunset Sale” that she might eventually leave.

Vander was candid with the New York Post back in January, sharing that things were “tough” after her son’s stillbirth in December 2021, in addition to having to constantly commute from the East Coast to the West Coast for five years. seasons. At the time, she was firm in her views, saying, “I can’t be an absent mom.” The graduate also lamented that despite all the problems she faced for the show, editors usually ended up using her short audio snippets here and there.

What else is there in the store for sale of the 6th season of “Sunset”?

Maya Vander is not the only one who is leaving “Sunset Sale” ahead of season 6. Her co-star Christine Quinn actually officially left the Oppenheim Group earlier this year. But there is still some confusion as to whether the 33-year-old actor will return to the show in a different capacity. Previously, Quinn said that she would somehow enter the next season (and even made a presentation on logistics), but later, during her book promotion tour, she hinted that she was “free” from the control of Netflix streamers.

Presumably, there was a lot of “terrifying” BTS behavior that Christine Quinn experienced, in particular, from one executive producer of Selling Sunset. She claimed the misconduct led to the executive being banned while the actors were on set, but said his “retaliatory behavior” towards her eventually continued. After Quinn left the business, she decided to move on by opening her own cryptocurrency trading brokerage company with her husband. Her infamous tenacity is sure to make it a success, though I still wonder if the future of “Sunset Sale” can survive without her and her drama.…

Everyone can probably easily live without Maya Vander, but Christine Quinn… I’m not too sure. Quinn’s protégé from season 5, Chelsea Lascani, has officially stated that she wants to protect more black women in real estate and in the series, so she will probably play a more important role. Other graduates, most likely, will also have to step up their game without Quinn, whom they could constantly complain about.

We will keep you updated with the latest news. For now, however, fans can check out “OC Sales,” which premieres on August 24, and all the other titles that haven’t been released yet on Netflix TV’s 2022 schedule.